Print Industry Management and Control
Materials and Inventory Management
By far the most customizable MRP solution for the Graphic Art Manufacturing Industry.
Since 1985
Cloud-based or on-premise
PRIMAC MRP has been at the core of small and large multi-plant manufacturing enterprises. PRIMAC includes a complete set of tools to manage production, inventory and financials. Deployed in virtually all segments of the printing industry, including, commercial sheet fed, high-volume commercial web publications, book publishing, packaging, flexible carton, roll label, large-format Flexo, and mail-order fulfillment. Customers even have access to the source code in most cases to make their own modifications.

Our customers hold unique niches in print manufacturing. Most of our customers have been using PRIMAC for more than two decades. A testament to PRIMAC's flexibility in allowing our customers to keep modifying their systems to suit there ever changing needs.

Having flexibility and control in your manufacturing processes is the key to extracting maximum productivity in your business. Our comprehensive suite of modules for Manufacturing Production Management work independently in an enterprise environment and are at the same time tightly integrated with the rest of our product suite.

For 2020 PRIMAC is instroducing PRIMAC-BC based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The same MRP included on top of a robust industry standard ERP System.
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Production Management Systems

Production Scheduling
PRIMAC PSS closes the loop necessary to manage graphic arts production in today's world of just-in-time deliveries and volatile schedules. This is by far, the most sophisticated Production Scheduling System available today and integrated with PRIMAC.
Shop Floor
PRIMAC SFIS automates the collection of labor time, material usage, and job status information from all areas of the plan, from pre-press to shipping. Accurate multi-lingual prompts accurately capture data at the source and allows supervisor to correct entries.
Job Costing
PRIAMC JCS lives at the heart of the MRP tracking full absorption or direct costs plus. Establish detail job cost production standards. Combined with estimating data and the inventory management system to track inventory down to the mill roll id and capture T&M entries against each job.
Job Ticket
Printing is a highly customized business and Manufacturers have their own niche. Job specifications vary from customer to customer and product line to product line. We can build a custom job jacket for you and with our powerful API feed data directly to it to avoid entry errors.
Job Estimating
PRIMAC JES meets a wide and varying demands for estimating multi-component print jobs. Job information is automatically fed to Production Scheduling to manage shedules. Track estimates against actuals to establish pricing for your custom jobs.
Order Processing
PRIMAC OPS provides printers the ability to finished goods sold by skews and manage production or assembly of the skews. Being tightly integrated with PRIMAC, OPS allows you to launch production jobs when inventory falls below established thresholds.

Inventory and Financial Management

Inventory Control
PRIMAC ICS is high customizable and powerful enough to handle a multi-company multi-division structure. Define major lines, product lines and items, warehouses, locations and inventory down to the mill roll id if necessary. Accommodates both large and small companies.
Purchase Order
A fully integrated Purchase Order and Requisition system tracks the needs of each job and allows users to create purchasers and approvals. Tracks purchases against each job even when partially applied. Critical dates are broadcast to other systems to account for critical dates.
WIP Tracking
PRIMAC WIP Skid Content locator system Provides real time tracking of work in process. Finished materials are tracked as they move around in the plant and until consumed or shipped. Barcoded skid tags are easily created and tracked with up to date location information.
Barcode Inventory System
PRIMAC BIS accelerates data entries and inventory scanning. Allows transfers, audits adjustments, and returns. Materials and finished goods can be moved from location to location with minimal effort. Uses powerful Intermec/Android scanning devices.
Payable & Receivables
PRIMAC APS & ARS is fully integrated with other procurement components including Purchase Order, Receipts and Job Costing. A two step process allows you to review all entries prior to posting to the General Ledger. Manage your cashflow efficiently and export to external systems if desired.
General Ledger System
PRIMAC GLS allows user-definable account classification and category code structure. Designed for corporations with complex multi-company and multi-division operations. Automates entries fed from other systems such as Job Costing and Inventory.
PRIMAC capabilities built into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
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