New Platform Enhanced Capabilities
  • Built on AI models.
  • Utilizes massive parallelism of AI processors.
  • Runs millions of simulations.
  • Takes advantage of latest multi-core processors to generate schedule variations.
Primac21 production scheduling application has been in use  by manufacturing plants for over 2 decades. Vercom Software Inc., has come up with a new version of Primac21 scheduling software which will help organizations to significantly improve efficiency and profitability of a manufacturing operation.

Primac21 – Version 15 is by far the most sophisticated scheduling software that employs unique manufacturing technique to solve a complex optimization problem that involves scheduling a set of jobs on a set of machines in order to optimize one or more performance metrics, such as minimizing make span (total time to complete all jobs), minimizing total flow time (total time jobs spend on the machines), minimizing   tardiness   (amount   of   time   by   which   a   job   misses   a   deadline), or maximizing resource utilization.

Primac21 is built on dynamic mathematical programming, heuristic algorithms, simulation and artificial intelligence models such as genetic algorithms and neural networks. The goal is to find an optimal schedule that minimizes the total time required to complete the jobs, while ensuring that all the constraints are satisfied.

Primac21 will help organizations improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that products are delivered on time and with high quality.
Why Primac21?

Effective job shop scheduling is critical for reducing lead times, increase through put, improve on-time delivery, and enhancing overall manufacturing efficiency.

The USP of Primac21 -

Primac21  takes  advantage  of  the  latest  multi-core  processors  available  in  the market. The synergy of Primac21’s parallel computing techniques and the advanced multi-core processors, generates schedule variations faster and more efficiently, enabling the users to compare multiple schedules simultaneously and find the optimal schedule quickly.
Primac21 is based upon the AI model of using massive parallelism of AI processors to run millions of simulations in parallel to generate results quickly and accurately. Some of the key benefits of this approach include:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Accuracy
  • Cost-effectiveness

Primac21 uses the tried, tested and trusted techniques include:

Johnson’s Rule
a simple heuristic that can be used to schedule two-machinejob shops.
Scheduling   Algorithms
branch   and   bound   algorithms,   enumerationalgorithms, and priority-rule-based algorithms.
simulation models are used to simulate job shop operations andtest different scheduling scenarios.
these are optimization algorithms that use heuristics to find
near-optimal solutions to complex problems. Some of the commonly usedmetaheuristics include genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and Tabu