New Platform Enhanced Capabilities
Capabilities built on top of core functionality in Dynamics BC
PRIMAC MRP capabilities built around the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP. Built by Microsoft to manage the core business of any large or small corporation, BC depends on Independent Software Vendors to add enterprise functionality for a particular business. Vercom with decades of experience in print manufacturing is adding capabilities to BC to allow existing Shop Floor and Scheduling System to work alongside. Extensions are added to tracking of Job-cost information. Most of the Accounting and Inventory Management functionality in BC form the core of this new ERP that we are calling PRIMAC-BC.

Our customers hold unique niches in print manufacturing. Most of our customers have been using PRIMAC for more than two decades. A testament to PRIMAC's flexibility in allowing our customers to keep modifying their systems to suit there ever changing needs.

Having flexibility and control in your manufacturing processes is the key to extracting maximum productivity in your business. Our comprehensive suite of modules for Manufacturing Production Management work independently in an enterprise environment and are at the same time tightly integrated with the rest of our product suite.

Production Management MRP Built around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Production Scheduling
Jobs entered into BC Job Costing Extension will be retrieved by Scheduling without having the plant schedulers learn new technologies.
Shop Floor
The same shop floor customers have depended on for over more than three decades can be redirected to feed Microsoft Dynamics BC with Time, Materials and Status information. No retraining or changes on your shop floor.
Job Costing
The JOB Costing enterprise extension will enable tracking of time and materials within BC interfacing with BC Inventory, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.
Order Processing
BC is built around ordering at the Skew level. Later enhancements will allow the items and orders to generate the appropriate jobs.
Inventory Management
PRIMAC BC leverages the existing Inventory Management system extended to connect to the PRIMAC-BC.
Financial ERP
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Financial reports will be via PRIMAC-BC extensions.