What is BC and why should I care?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central​ (BC)

  • Built on 20 years of Microsoft investment in Nav
  • Designed for and priced to sell to small businesses but capable of supporting any business
  • A future that isn't Amazon that levels the playing field for you
  • An Ecosystem of applications and Partners that extend BC and adapt it for every niche imaginable
  • Expands your investment in Office and connects with your suppliers and customers
  • Microsoft does NOT want your Customers, they want your business
Microsoft wants to enable digital transformation. You have to make technology work for you? 
Thats the hype - Here's how

BC Simple for small Enterprises, efficient for big ones ​

  • Designed to work without training and without an IT Department
  • Expected to scale, adapt and extend to every part of the business
  • Customers include Ikea Franchisees and 190,000 Companies
  • Large companies with autonomous entities worldwide
Backed by a trillion dollar company

Why do I need Vercom then?

  • Years of experience implementing at enterprise scale
  • Help through the transition from Box to Cloud
  • Creating the right mix of products in your solution
  • Digital Transformation requires some new thinking, guidance and support
Backed by a trillion dollar company
PRIMAC capabilities built into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Find out more about PRIMAC-BC