BC-Enterprise Services

migrations - enhancements - cloud transformation - upgrades
System Upgrades
Includes data migration, mapping, rapid start setup, data-validation and field rationalization into extensions.
Customization migration that includes mapping into ISV and new functionality within BC and Office as well as Event and Extension development if required
Post Migration Support
"First Close" follow up and support for the first financial close after Go LiveBC Process
Excellence Training
Train your workforce on the optimal use of the BC Suite for your specific business
Reporting and Analytics Business Self-sufficiency with Jet Global and Office extensions to BC
Supply Chain
Rapid Supply Chain integration with customers and suppliers using EDI and Workflow automation
GRC Review
An organizational Risk review including Separation Of Duties (SOD), Privacy and access assessment
Data Retention Review
Data retention and sharing review and management utility (in addition to standard BC utilities)
GRC Studio Configuration
Set and configuration of GRC Studio Fast Path product to automate and simplify GRC Management
Performance Monitoring
End to end monitoring for network traffic bottlenecks locally and in the Cloud using sampling for peak system contention
User Access Optimization
User access and reporting optimization to reduce user driven contention and performance impacts
Rapid Response Diagnosis
Rapid response checklist and diagnosis for self-service performance improvement and optimization
Archiving Review
Data archiving and customization review to target and eliminate bottlenecks if they exist
Follow Ups
Next Close follow up to ensure performance improvements are sustained and impacts minimized